Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wonderful Hokkaido

Hokkaido, wonderful island, located in the north of Japan, has many hidden beauty. Last year, I already fall in love with this island science my arrival date. This island has unique weather. It has very short summer, autumn and spring, but has very long winter. Of course, because this island nearly north pole! It was not difficult for me to adapt with the low temperature here even though I come from tropical country where we have very very long summer. So, here I would like to tell you about how beautiful Hokkaido is.

For the student like me, it is very honorable to have opportunity to study at Hokkaido University. This university is good not only for study but also for vacation! One of the famous place in this university is ginko anvenue. This street is very famous because of the tree leaves will change its color based on the weather.
Hokkaido is famous for winter spot. When this season, Sapporo will be full of tourist from all over the world who come for see the Sapporo Snow Festival or “yuki matsuri”. Besides this festival, the winter in hokkaido is special because of the beautiful snow. Snow in Hokkaido is soft like cotton but dry. So many people enjoy playing ski and snow board here.

One of the activity that you must do here is wakasagi fishing. Wakasagi is one of the fish name that abundant in the winter season. Wakasagi fishing is very easy. We just have to make a hole through the ice to reach the water on the frozen lake, then by using small fishing rod and bait, wakasagi will come. But watch your step cause frozen lake is dangerous!

Finally, the wonderful nature of Hokkaido and the kindness of people there will make you never regret to come and spend your time here. 




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