Monday, 7 September 2015

Traveling alone? Why not!

Adjusting leisure time with friend to go vacation is always unease. Sometimes, planning is just planning cause each other never meet match time to go holiday together. Therefore, some people prefer to travel alone. For the first time, traveling alone is fear, especially for woman. Going alone to the strangle places even looks so dangerous. But, traveling alone is so adventurous for sure. For beginners like me, there are based tips to make your alone vacation to be a wonderful trip.  

1. Know your destination

Of course it is not easy to know some place where the first time you’ll be there. But don’t worry because we have internet! Internet doesn’t tell everything but is enough to help us for now little about your destination. At least you have to see the full map so you can estimate your journey. Why? Because only see the information on the spot is wasting time, so it better if we know even little before we go to that places. After that, we can make plan! And also you have to take a look at public transportation. Some places don’t have good public transportation that will make you to think and prepare more! 

2. Book the home stay 

If you plan to have more than 1 day vacation it is better for you to book hotel or home stay for staying. You can search and choose based on your budget. It is better to look at others testimonies about the place so you can have little image about the place where you going to stay. Don’t worry for asking by email in order to know more. Because you don’t want to waste your money for bad place right? 

3. Bring “Selfie” stick

For some people bring camera or smartphone is enough for capture all memories. But for me, take a picture of good place with my face inside is also important. For this, you should bring “selfie” stick so you can take a picture of yourself without disturbing others. 

4. Don’t get phobia with others language

Study English is better to support your holiday, especially if you trip abroad. But for some country where the English is not mother language, you can prepare pocket dictionary or small conversation book and study little conversation. Such as “Terimakasih” or thank you in Indonesia. Because, if you can speak local language it will be better to get close to the local people. But if you can’t, you still can use body language right?! For moeslim, if you are going abroad, halal food is always a matter. Don’t worry, just know the word for some forbidden food or ingredients. And keep asking guys! As Indonesian say “Di mana ada kemauan di situ ada jalan” or “There are always ways to who want”. Just confidence! 

5.  Just Go!

Don’t be afraid doesn’t mean that you just be careless! Indeed, you have to be careful for everything especially if you go to some dangerous places. Dangerous here means that many thief or same thing. You did not  want to lose your money or mean goods right? 

Finally that’s a brief tips for self travelers from a beginners like me. So, what are you waiting for! Make a good planning and go! Happy holiday…

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