Saturday, 9 January 2016

Unique Story while Traveling alone

As I told you before in my previous article, that traveling alone is challenging. Here I would like to share one of my unique stores while I traveled alone. Before last time, stranger man followed me in Singapore then he asked me to take his pictures and so on, then on my vacation in Kepulauan Riau or Riau Island, Sumatera, Indonesia also has very unique story. 

When I was staying at Batam, I decided to go to Bintan Island, the biggest island in Kepulauan Riau, then go to Penyengat Island to see the mosque made by egg white. Firstly, I went to Tanjung Pinang Port at Bintan Island, which was about 1 h by ferry from Batam Island. After that,  I walked for 10 minutes to reach the other port to go Penyengat Island. At the boat, I talked with the stranger who after the little conversation I know that they will go to Penyengat Island in for research. After my arrival, I came to the yellow mosque which I mentioned before. Then, I go around the island by walked with traditional wall map guiding. Not so long time after my alone walking, I met a group of elementary student who walked bare foot after school. They asked me to take their picture, then only short time for me to close with them and they happily guide me to the whole part of island. Yes! I got free tour guide! 

My tour guide

After finished playing and touring with the elementary school students, I went back to the port to come to Tanjung Pinang port. At the boat, stranger woman ask me many thing then we had a warm confersation with her and her family. I told them about myself vacation to Batam Island, Singapore, and other places. They just amazed with me then one of their family, the stranger woman daughter, asked her mom whether she want to go to Trikora beach or Lagoi beach where is far from Tanjung Bintan beach. All of sudden, I said, “Could I go with you?”, and they said, “Of course!” just like that. They said, they would go to Lagoi Beach where not everybody can enter that place, which I knew that this place is protected by Singapore. What?!! Are you kidding me?! I went to good strange place with very kind strange family and all for free! How lucky I am! I went to Lagoi beach with them, and one of them take so many my picture, and we have so much fun! After that, they picked me to the other port where I only need 15 minutes by speed boat to reach Batam Island again! Oh my God I could not believe that I spent myself travel with very kind strange family! Despite our first time meeting, I already care for them! 

From this story, I plan to go another “myself trip” again!
Have a nice day!!!

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